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A Scripting Framework for Automation

An automation framework is a common set of tools, guidelines, and principles for your tests. Having a framework helps to minimize test script maintenance. This article we are not talking about any automation tool specific. But, what we mentioned here is about the thought process and guidelines that go into creating an automation test case into words. […]

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Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 3): Explore It, Automate It

Part 1: Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 1): Some good practices Part 2: Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 2): More Effective With Pair Exploratory Testing Part 3: Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 3): Explore It, Automate It (Reading) Part 4: Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 4): A Practice of Pair Exploratory Testing   Exploratory testing is the simultaneous learning, design, and execution throughout […]

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