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Using One2Explore to perform an exploratory testing session for StickyNotes

With One2Explore capabilities, the exploratory testing is more effective. One2Explore helps you structure, plan, track, report and debrief the exploratory to ensure the goal covered. One2Explore is integrated with One2Test (Testing Dashboard) and JIRA to gain more efficiency. Watch this video to see how our tester performs a testing session with this tool.

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Context-Based Management – Metrics and The Dangers

“You Cannot Measure It, You Cannot Manage It” – It’s a favorite quote of many managers. At my side, I love to measure everything in my project. But how to translate the message from the result of this measurement into quality factors totally depends on the context.

From Cambridge Dictionary: “Metrics are a set of numbers that give information about a particular process or activity”. For examples: In Operation, we use MTBF – Mean Time Between Failures to measure elapse time between failures which occurs in a system or a service. In Conventional Testing, someone use “Test Case Productivity” which gives the test case writing productivity based on which one can have a conclusive remark; “Defect Acceptance” to determine the number of valid defects that testing team has identified during execution. In Agile Testing, “Examined Coverage” is a metric used to identify how much the software explored in scope or “Effort Density” identifies how much the effort runs into the software.

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Football (Soccer) and Testing: B.R.A.V.E.

It may be late to say about the match between U23 VN and U23 Uzbekistan last week, but it is not late to say about the spirits of both the teams, especially what VN Team presented to all audiences. B.R.A.V.E. were five factors created the beauty of the match. B.R.A.V.E. are also elements for an engineer (or a tester) to be better in his career
B: The first letter B, obviously, is Brave. With the temperature stays between -9 Celsius and -1 degree, two teams had to play in the heavy snow conditions. Watching this match, it looked like a hockey game rather than a football game. Especially, with players who are living in a tropical country like VN, we would feel how uncomfortable they had to overcome for their game. Only the brave would help them to fight the game until the last minute of extra time. The life of testing is like that. If we’re brave to give up the old testing school and welcome the new, we may have big move. Many organizations accept risks to adopt new methodology with the goal of being more suitable with changes for the growth and makes them to become leaders in new trends

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Football (Soccer) and Testing: Crazy!!!

“Crazy” is a correct word for the match yesterday between U23VN and U23 Qatar. Crazy is not only in the way that U23 presented to their competitor and all audiences, but crazy is in the whole course of events of the match. Moreover, the “crazy” was not made by only 11 VN players, it has been wider with about 100-million VN people living with the football recent days. Critical events from politic to economy become less more important than U23 VN in about more than a recent week. We (U23) have just created the illusive milestone in Vietnamese Football as the team march on to the final round. They were doing the things that there were no previous generations could make it. But what made this “Crazy”?

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Football (Soccer) and Testing

Last night, the Football VN has just made the greatest mark in the football history when their team (U23) beat U23 Iraq in the match of quarter-finals to put their name into the semi-finals and continue miracle for their journey at U23 Asia Cup. In a country where the football love is much more important and greater than all other society facets, we can understand how excited all VN people feel. They had no-sleep night to breath, to live with and to be crazy with their win. At this moment, I suddenly find out some common points between football and testing – the two things sound like very different. But if we think out-of-the-box and look at them creatively, we can link them with some aspects.

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