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Good Practices to Build Security Automation for DevOps

The software application is now becoming more and more complex. The process of software development has been transformed itself that moving from the waterfall, RUP model (where the release cycle was measured in years, and the security process could take almost as long as the team wanted) to Agile and now is DevOps where things got very […]

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To Build Your Code Quality (Chapter A): Secure Coding (Part 2)

In the previous part, we have mentioned to threats from Input Validation, Man-In-Middle, Session Management, Error Handling, and Logging & Outputs, there are four other items from the web application development Issue Group that a professional developer must be armed with is the knowledge of how to write his software in some capacity. Database Issues […]

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To Build Your Code Quality (Chapter A): Secure Coding (Part 1)

From the roots of issues Code quality’s always a matter of software engineering. It’s hard to measure the level of code quality and even to define it. As a result of searching on the Internet, it is a group of attributes and requirements determined and prioritized by your business. These include clarity, maintainable, documented, refactored, […]

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