Football (Soccer) and Testing: B.R.A.V.E.

It may be late to say about the match between U23 VN and U23 Uzbekistan last week, but it is not late to say about the spirits of both the teams, especially what VN Team presented to all audiences. B.R.A.V.E. were five factors created the beauty of the match. B.R.A.V.E. are also elements for an engineer (or a tester) to be better in his career.
B: The first letter B, obviously, is Brave. With the temperature stays between -9 Celsius and -1 degree, two teams had to play in the heavy snow conditions. Watching this match, it looked like a hockey game rather than a football game. Especially, with players who are living in a tropical country like VN, we would feel how uncomfortable they had to overcome for their game. Only the brave would help them to fight the game until the last minute of extra time. The life of testing is like that. If we’re brave to give up the old testing school and welcome the new, we may have big move. Many organizations accept risks to adopt new methodology with the goal of being more suitable with changes for the growth and makes them to become leaders in new trends
R: Rational – Brave must be along with Rational. U23 VN would have been very worse if they had not been rational. We decide to change, but of course, we must know about ourselves, our capability, our conditions to make it happened right. What if U23 VN played with stun attacking intent in that worst weather conditions? So, Be Smart to Be Braver.
A: Attitude – All VN players strictly followed the strategy stated by their coach. Even when an Uzbekistan player had a header for score at the eight-minute, the whole VN team was not broken their game, otherwise, they have continued pursuing the strategy to have their first effort on goal in the 15th minute. Attitude is one of important characteristics to make a person to be useful. A tester with excellent skills & wide knowledge, but bad attitude is harm to his organization rather than helping build the quality. Tester is to carry mindset with a specific approach towards how to test the application in a better way. Some testers believe that it is necessary to break the system rather than building the quality. This would not help them to do it well
V: Vigilant – It may not be very accurate with this word for the match last week. But, in the snow conditions, VN team was very vigilant to watch out their competitors. They put very high attention on all Uzbekistan players at every moment to minimize dangers to their goal. Similarly, in software testing, you have to train yourself to have good observations, to recognize abnormalities, changes in the product. Having good observation, being better testing you do.
E: Enthusiastic – This spirit has been revealed in all of the matches. VN Team has proved their enthusiasm over the games. They have played with their hearts without money purpose. Because of that, they has gained the love of all VN people. You may surprise with the images of a lot of the streets in VN were flooded with a sea of red and gold as flag-waving fans, many also wearing red headbands that said “Vietnam Wins”. It is because the enthusiasm that the team showed. Enthusiasm in testing is also a key driver to help deliver in-quality work. Let’s be enthusiastic to explore all product facets to make informed about the quality, then you will be rewarded.
Let’s be B.R.A.V.E in your work, you will make yourselves different and unique in the life.

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