One2Automate – An innovative-effective automation framework

One2Automate is an innovative-effective automation framework with a rich set of features for functional automation testing. It supports Web, Desktop, Mobile and client-server applications. With One2Automation, the effective automation testing solution is offered by MeU Solutions.
Through One2Automate’s intuitive GUI, QA Engineers who have no programming languages can quickly create and perform automation testing, freeing up more cycles for human-based testing. This framework is a MeU Solutions’ IP. It was developed by a group of experience developers and automation solution specialists.

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Heuristic Testing Model To Enrich Your Test

The Heuristic Test Strategy Model is a set of patterns for designing a test strategy. The immediate purpose of this model is to remind testers of what to think about when they are creating tests. Ultimately, it is intended to be customized and used to facilitate dialog and direct self-learning among professional testers. Here is the mind-map for all heuristics

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Test Planning 2.0 with mind-maps

Testing is huge area of ideas and creativity. Every phase of testing has its own methods and terminologies. It is up to the individual where to apply mind map in software testing. It is always advisable to have good understanding and ground work of internal branches of testing phase which you are planning to chalk out. We need to collect all those thoughts into one place.

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