More effective mobile game testing with exploratory testing

We had created a mobile game testing checklist  (in general) by mindmap that can help us organize the test ideas (test techniques, types of testing, types of risk, heuristics, oracles, …) and driving the testing effectively. Now, in this post, we would like to introduce how we apply it with a real mobile game in Android and present the final testing result as well. A hand-on mobile game testing with Meu Solutions.

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4 Big Fears That Junior Tester Meet When Apply Exploratory Testing (ET)

I’d like to share 4 big fears that I have met when I started my software testing career by applying ET approach. If you are encountering these, it may be helpful to read this article.

We know when applying exploratory testing (ET), it requires exploratory testers to build test models, use them with all skills, heuristics, practices to explore, reasoning questions, evaluate and find hidden things from what they test. With this approach, all tests are designed, executed, reported in parallel from rapid learning. But, this is just a theory! With Junior testers, when they start off their test, a lot of things appear such as: Where should we start the test? Which way to perform Exploratory Testing effectively not to be missed bugs?, How can we test without given test cases and lack of product knowledge?…etc. A lot of questions that make you confused, don’t worry these articles might help you To perform Exploratory Testing effectively, Effective Exploratory Testing (Part 2): More Effective With Pair Exploratory Testing.

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OWASP Top 10 series(Part 1): SQL Injection exploitation- step by step

We are living in an increasingly networked world, from personal banking to government infrastructure. Protecting those networks is no longer optional.
Cyber risk is now firmly at the top of the international agenda as high-profile breaches raise fears that hack attacks and other security failures could endanger the global economy.
Penetration tester team at MeU-solutions create a series of video to make a demonstration for all main items in OWASP Top Ten to help all of us figure out how to an attacker will attack your system. Hope it will help raise our awareness about security when we decide to develop a system.

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