[Video] One2Explore – Graphing feature for workflow testing

MeU Solutions now includes a new module of One2Explore tool that supports Exploratory and Session-Based Testing practices more effectively, called Graphing module. The idea behind this module is to visualize the testing flows that run by testers and it can make a comparison between the executed testing flows to show us the discrepancy, based on the captured data we can view and identify the effectiveness in flow testing between testers, provide an insight into the product quality both graphically and statistically, analysis the collected data can be used to identify the opportunities and improvement for your product
As a training opportunity – in pair testing, it’s a great way to help the team deliver with an extra measure quality graphically and statistically, it’s also a good way for each participant to learn from each other. With One2Explore capabilities, the exploratory testing (or context-driven testing) is more effective. One2Explore helps you structure, plan, track, report and debrief the exploratory to ensure the goal covered. One2Explore is integrated with One2Test (Testing Dashboard) and JIRA to gain more efficiency. Watch this video to see how we run a demo for the Graphing Feature of One2Explore tool, enjoy the video!
You can find more information about One2Explore & One2Test in this link. One2Explore’s features
  • Records testing activities, relevant data, and snapshot testing screens
  • Exploratory Test Planner with test charters
  • Test Session Management
  • Robust Documentation
  • Note-taker for testing execution and debrief
  • Charter-based Bug Tracking
  • Integration-Capability with other systems: JIRA, Test Link and One2Test
One2Test’s Feature
  • Testing Quality and Testing Progress Dashboard
  • Testing Efficiency Analysis
  • Testing Comparison by Runs
You can find another demo that we use One2Explore and One2Test when exploring the StickyNote application.
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